Monday, May 05, 2008


so the day got worse today.. with bad news from mom, and seeing more evidence of a world that is crumbling into pieces and drifting further and further away from Jesus.

feeling pretty much jaded now. i know i shld be writing happier things! i will :) soon :) now i just feel like writing about everything ive seen and experienced today.. but that'll be a double whammy. i already have a lousy post below. oh wellllls.

i am missing many people i havent seen or spoken to in some time. drifted from so many i havent met in ages that i wish time would rewind itself back to the times when there were less facades and more sincere 'i love yous'.

its back to the spools office tomorrow, which has only 1 working lan cable so of course being the most junior i dont get to use it hahaha. and that stinks when you have a reformatted comp and NO work assigned to you. so all i did this afternoon after shifting to the spools office was to document ONE invoice & delivery order, AND play hearts on the computer. tomorrow, i will be prepared for lull periods.. im gonna start beefing up my sermon - 21 june is looming! haha tt's something useful to do :)


Blogger michieboo said...

hello dear! dont be sad! : )) we'll be seeing each other soon :DD hang in there at work alright. at least you have some experience now! : ) other than me, i am going to be unemployed! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! :D

haha cant wait to see you at SOV! : )

4:26 AM  

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