Monday, July 09, 2007

okay my head was in a strange position because i was trying to block the sunlight, but to no avail. oh well anw, this is matric! at asoc booth.. being bored and thus resorting to taking pictures with my laptop! :) too bad i aint got no cool mac.
i can't talk now, it is very upsetting for talking is one of my favourite past-times.
im going to be mata! :) at least i think so. hope the prof contacts us soon and i hope it's slack :S
checking out new freshies has been a pretty interesting experience thus far. am looking forward to ftbcamp yay yay! :)
im bored tho i have plenty of work (read: idp) to do. bidding for mods has been a pain in the butt but at least everything is settled tho i have the craziest timetable ever. well at least i got two free days :) yayzers! hope i get my bids.. everyone play nice now.


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