Sunday, May 11, 2008

so there's been many comments about my apparently spherical shape. hahahah. oh welllls :) time to think about what to do about it.

in any case, work is getting better.. though vouching is really quite a pain in the ass after a while. and i am quite sad that i am really not learning much here. audit is such a systematic and routine job that is practically.. brainless. maybe i am wrong because i havent been able to see the big picture. and all the stuff i thought was more exciting and strategic in nature like the risk analyses are apparently.. "for show". in a way? i really want to try a real internship somewhere else.. i think david's really having a good time doing com&ben haha it sounds useful at least.

mmms, i think i need to learn how to cook. HAHA :)


Blogger brudey said...

HA! why the sudden urge to learn how to cook?! hmmmm...

3:15 PM  
Blogger walph said...

ahaha. lose weight and learn to cook at the same time?? LOL

8:11 PM  

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