Thursday, July 12, 2007

the fabulous fabs!

FINALLY, after one month, feb has sent me the mockcamp piccas :D so happy! shall post them up, but not too many cos it might spoil it for any wandering freshie that miraculously chances upon this blog hhahas.

kk, presenting the best group ever, the FABS :) :)

love those two shots :) cos 1) everyone is inside 2) we all look so happy. rafting was peak experience man hahas, and here are some snippets of the camp:

this isnt very flattering but i thought it was a really nice happy natural shot :)
hahas, and i was a sad sad girl at the end of camp cos i had to throw my pretty nikes away (soles are off). sigh.

okay lastly, i found this so funny i just had to put it up. presenting our head senior faci :D ! HAHA.



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