Saturday, May 17, 2008


this has been a crazy week with no internet connection in the office and late nights out. but still lovely.

monday - i learnt what true friends are :) they are those who insist on helping you carry your heavy, huge & superbly ugly laptop case even though they were dressed up so nicely for a concert :) aww loves :)

thursday - i have also learnt that true friends are those who will come all the way to your office building to return you your matric card. and when people whom are/were far away suddenly sms and call you after a long time, it really makes your day. and it's really lovely hearing from them :)

friday - random friends you havent spoken to in a long time can really brighten up your day by miraculously appearing next to you in a crowded mrt station when you are feeling extremely grumpy. and having a fellow intern in the same office as you makes the vouching more bearable.. esp when we get a room all to ourselves hahahha.

although my heart feels somewhat empty now, and i am sorely missing certain people even though ive seen or heard from them the past week, i am learning to count my blessings. :) God created us all to be such social creatures. i find it sad that we have such little time for taking part in purposeful activities together. because i think friendship is more than just random meetups for coffee or concerts or meals. though i guess circumstances do make it impossible sometimes.


Blogger Felyna said...

true friends were also there for me when i felt like pulling ur hair out over choir business. and true friends don't go round telling people abt how i used to have pigtails 8 years ago.

hugs :)

4:18 AM  
Blogger Felyna said...

omg. when i felt like pulling my* hair out.

crap. i wrote it in your form then changed and forgot to change that one HAHA =)

4:19 AM  

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