Wednesday, July 25, 2007

yet it was a heartache, that made Him cry.

haha, been meaning to blog. about random events/thoughts that have taken place since last week. but somehow the inspirations die out when i log on. so anyway let's try to recall.

haha shannie turned 20 last week. twas a nice dinner with septven as usual and an interesting supper with sbc :) where we found out that all of us, sans mel and justin are in the same company law class next sem. that's one quarter of the classss!

syc came and went. it was a a pretty successful camp i guess. slowly and surely it will lead to greater things to come. sunday morning was pretty amazing. i understood clearly why i was allocated a slot that morning and not any other sessions. at first i wondered why. why sunday morning when the crowd is much smaller. then i realised that God had a plan and it was not by mere coincidence that our song fitted in so well with peter's message. tamps is a good accompanist, i thk i wanna do more songs with him. it was quite a powerful experience as i could feel God using us as His instruments. and in my heart i knew i was singing not for my own pride, as i often do, but for Him.

after syc i've decided that i will only sing songs that are uplifting. songs that bring people closer to God. what really made my day was not the applause and the hearty 'amen', but it was the tears in people's eyes and when people came up to me saying "the music really blessed me today, i felt God's peace" - i praised God for His awesomeness :)

i didnt take any photos during syc. but i guess it was an interesting experience.

urban pulse came and went too. i loved the kids :) and there were many interesting items. i guess we've come a long way as a club and slowly but surely the standard would become higher and higher :) jac's sunflower died a long tragic death but i hope she stills knows that i love her! ahhaha :)

we met with prof d last monday and i am really really psyched for ltm! :) people always ask me why i do things like ftb, ltm. i dont know, i just enjoy these things :) hahaha ltm sounds like its gonna be a blast and i hope my group will really grow and learn like how septven did :) the TAs in my class are all girls but im happy cos i've got my two favourite girls and i managed to get jac over from the thursday class! how perfect :)

i had two wisdom teeth removed today and my wounds are still kinda bloody. i hope it heals soon cos its rather torturous going on liquids (cant bite cos i removed both sides). the dentist gave me my teeth back. and it was fairly traumatic, as all surgeries are and im glad its over :S dentist says i've got a PETITE MOUTH! :D HA to everyone who says otherwise :) i guess i still talk alot for someone with a small bucal (?) cavity. but after the surgery i realised that this would grant me immunity from chubby bunny during campfire next tues, YAY!

speaking of camps, we finally got our faci allocations for run three. hahaha i think i annoyed andrew and feb a little too much. now i shall bug them for the FRESHIE LIST :D

so evil like that.


more updates another day.


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