Thursday, May 22, 2008

audit & assurance

afternoons are always the hardest to keep awake.

there are three things about audit that make work slightly more interesting:

1) its unpredictability. i think its fun being sent to random places at short notice (though probably only in the case of interns and associates) and of course, meeting new people at different offices! some are really unpleasant though, like the big one at T. but those here at LC are really quite friendly. some girl (i think shes an intern here) just came by to offer me extremely big pineapple balls this morning (which i refused HAHA) and just 5 mins ago she came by with meiji candy and poured out a whole lot of it on tissue paper insisting that i eat some. :) but she's spoiling my lose weight plan.

2) its actually quite interesting sieving through certain p&c stuff! i think its my kaypoh nature at work HAHAHHA.

3) you get to work with different people and under different people for different jobs, which may be a good or bad thing. people im working with at LC are kinda hmmm not my type.. but oh well :) jy told me i got booked on BT (back at gateway again!) for the week after and that the people are nice PLUS i can take a cab to work daily HEHEHE. so im quite looking forward to it :)

but does all this mundane work + low pay cancel out all theses supposed 'perks'. i feel like im not using my brains much, or being challenged. the work is simple and routine. i think it is only up at the managerial level where things get a bit more exciting.. it becomes more, client management and team management and actual big picture planning. but that's six years!

i think im rambling. not sure what i want to do when i grow up. mmms dont want to grow up! maybe i cld be a housewife and look after my children. then again, i can't cook.


okay three more samples before my toilet break :)


Blogger steffan said...

haha is that y u said u wanna learn to cook in that post not too long ago?? i oso dun wanna grow up!

9:44 PM  

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