Friday, August 31, 2007

since im already lost in complaw, here i am :)
these two weeks have seemed to pass in a jiffy, yet it feels like ive been back at school for so long. ccaday was like, huh.. just last week?
this sem is rather mmmms, unpredictable and busy. hardly any time to breathe and many late late nights. choked to the brim with readings, assignments, projects and events to organize, people to make happy. i just feel like im going through the motion everyday, packing my schedule with meetings and and obligations, commitments. going through the day by following my schedule without thinking. a mind full of things to do, tasks to complete. something doesnt feel quite right.
what's missing what's missing?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

beautiful seed

finally got my hands on this :) a welcome back to school present for myself huh :)
im really dreading this first week of school. thking about my packed schedule, i hardly have any time to breathe :(
ahhh, but now i shall just indulge in some good music :) before the 15-week mad rush.

Monday, August 13, 2007


just got back from 9 days of living in the wilderness with the elephants.

i really quite enjoyed myself in the land of smiles planting trees, being so close to those gentle giants and eating mangosteens everyday despite the apprehension and dread when the day of departure drew closer. cos i had to leave so many things, so many responsibilities behind for others to handle.

since run 3 started i hardly had any time to breathe cos so many things happened in that short week, all the pre-trip preps and handing over of responsibilities. and now, school's starting in one week and i still have a three day retreat (which i suddenly dont feel like going for) and plenty of things to settle and follow up. really had this disgusting sense of dread as i switched on my lappy and log onto web outlook.

ahhh, right now, i just have to suck it up! and get my act together. it's time to start doing what i am supposed to do.

ftb and elephant pictures will be up, eventually :)