Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i never knew that vouching 30 samples cld take a day!

am very woozy and very tired of work. my eyes hurt and my brain is slowing down. not that i use my brains to do my work hahaha.

i think the highlight of my day is lunch! :) that means meeting people :) and i love meeting people to catch up and talk. and i just found myself another permanent lunch buddy in selegie - the nus intern in LC who offered me meiji chocolates the other day. her colleagues are mean. she's sitting in the finance dept cos there isnt any space at her office left. AND they dont eat lunch with her.

had dinner with the buddy yesterday after her two-year disappearance to the US of A. then we visited the front office boy in marina mandarin hahaha which was quite funny really and i think this summer wld be much more lovely :)

right, its time to re-vouch certain things. very tiring.
and i miss the lemon barley in office.


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