Sunday, March 30, 2008


this is really quite random - suddenly miss the jc days, haha.

three more weeks and school's out :) not exactly looking forward to my 14-week stint at raffles place but my body's screaming for a break from the late nights and crazy workload. and summer's the most perfect time to meet people you havent seen the past year or so.

im running out of intelligent things to say. actually there's a lot on my mind but i think i've semi-lost the ability to express myself in words. ahhh, this is very sad.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

this is going to be a very trying five weeks ahead.
and really, it is each man for his own.
there is no one to depend on - don't fall for promises made by man.
only God is dependable and constant.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

every step of the way, He's there.

just yesterday, during family worship, my mom reminded me of the trauma we went through two years ago. i do remember having to change my flight just so i cld make it for my scholarship interview, but i really cldnt recall the tiny details and my mom got upset with me cos it was such a traumatic two days but i really forgot! but i got the scholarship in the end so it was okay :)

but as i look back, and finally recalled everything that happened. i can really see God's hand every step of the way.. allowing me to postpone the flight, letting me even get on the plane even though all the counters were closed (i dont even rem how!!), keeping me safe as i flew to philippines alone and travelled to the hotel in the middle of the night and finally giving me the scholarship.. and letting me make the right decision when two other scholarships came along.

i feel like im in the right place and that God intended for me to be in smu, and He has reaffirmed me in many ways whilst i am here and has allowed me to excel way beyond my own capabilities. i seriously think i am not capable of all these on my own. :) but now that im sure im in the right place, i dont know what i am supposed to do here. are there people i am supposed to meet, or is there something i can do with my degree in the future.

only God knows, and im excited to find out what :)