Friday, April 18, 2008

the summer air

i think the exams made me very uptight and easily irritated. but now its over and it really does feel quite good. not very shiok though, cos i didnt really put in a lot of effort so ending exams doesnt feel quite as a relief as it would have been like - the past three sems. but oh well, too late for regrets.

finally went shopping yesterday, i think shans and i were deprived for too long! i cant believe we spent so long in random shops and still didnt feel satiated at 10pm. we were actually quite sad when all the shops started closing and pulling down their metal shutters :( SO SAD. so we went to borders cos it closes at 11pm and borders really really has the prettiest cards ever! but they are really quite overpriced. their postcards and cards are really very nice. i cld spend ages just looking at all the random borders merchandise hehehe.

i bought my gold ixus :) it has a nice tinge of orange/brown and so it makes me very happy! pretty photos soon :) it's a lovely start to summer..

hmmms internship starts the week after :( i dont know why i feel a sense of dread :S

aights time to plan my weeeek :) starting saturday night! yay!

i think i need a new blog.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

it's tuesday of exam week and i have totally lost the steam! despite approx 40% of this sem's GPA depending on this week's exams, i am totally un-motivated unlike the past three sems. i am hardly anxious until one hour before the exam, which is of course, too late. i think five exams is taking its toll on me :( i think i will regret this when my results are back :(

but to look forward to thursday and the happier days ahead:

i cant decide which colour. HELP!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

pain. very very very pain. not worth it.