Monday, July 31, 2006

my favourite group picca! :D

haha i really like this, everyone looks so happy and natural (esp luoyi HAHA) but yeah. this task was hilarious. and we got 5 honks in no time, tee hee. lovely. why do i look so flustered when everyone looks so calm and cool :( haha.

etta <3

was hoping to be able to post some piccas of Absolut U but jaz has yet to send them cos she's been busy so i shall blog abt it first :)

it was an okaaay camp la. i guess it was cos i left early, but i heard the rest of the group had a blast the second night at glutton's bay and playing truth or dare till 5am (omg). so fun hahah. now am a shade tanner (slightly a bit too dark cos my face looks dirty now :( sobs) but i think as one grows older camp games get duller. not so exciting anymore.. was honestly quite bored at certain pts la.

but really liked amazing race, yay yay. and had a nice group with very nice facis :D

not being negative or anything, but i always felt that og dynamics are always temporal. its nice to know people before school starts though. but once everyone starts heading separate ways, we just become hi-bye acquaintances, and even strangers. haha am such a party pooper. but shall enjoy the niceness of this while it lasts :)

oh well, i cut and highlighted my hair yesterday. am quite happy with the new darker shade, not so ahlianish. but the haircut is omg, i look like a china doll. i have freaking BANGS. nt the classy swept to one side bangs but CHINA DOLL BANGS. ugh, kill me. was totally dreading going out today. but at least daphne told me bangs are cute. and when i went to vj to collect my college day thing, marie told me i looked cuter HAHAHA. sheesh. i bet i looked retarded though :(

hey, kinda miss school. the little bits of it. dragging feet to LTs, glitter fights, deciding what to eat, dreading PE. ahh, the life :D

busy busy week this week, but am looking forward to wednesday! :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

the perfect lamb

haha kinda exhausted, but hap-hap-happy! :) study/shopping outing today was nice and fulfilling, haha.

finally got down to studying for the waiver test, sorted out the topics list and managed to find references for the topics that weren't tested for A levels like chi-squared something. like what is that la. "Even You Can Learn Statistics" HAHA. brilliant book, has everything one needs to know about statistics sans the confusing mathematical jargon. yay yay :)

i actually miss studying, hmm. like doing sums on rough paper, flipping through tys :D tee hee, i can see all the A level students giving me the evil look. but am pretty pleased with my progress during that 3 hours, got over that inertia that's been building up the past 7 mths of nt studying.

after studying and lunch we popped by Icon! :D never been there and wanted to at least set foot in that place. hmm, nothing really suits my fashion sense, but got myself a pretty pair of oriental peep toe heels! and other random trinkets. and karen got a poofy COTTON WOOL SKIRT. hey, im pretty happy that my bargaining skills from KL have not gone to waste :D bargained for that skirt like crazy (yes! in singapore!). haha karen and i have decided that jiahong is a very important person to drag when shopping. he wont buy anything, cos it's girlie fashion. but he'll follow us everywhere without complaining, give comments on the stuff we wanna get, lend us money, carry our stuff, and run up 4 storeys to deposit our lucky draw ticket. HAHA :D awww.

okay, wont bully him anymore. but i hope we win the lucky draw. haha!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

warm fuzzies

have u ever wanted to show affection, but was afraid to be seen as uncool or overly friendly or trying to suck up. and we hesitate to compliment people, but are quick to criticize. we hold back that urge to give a spontaneous hug, or word of encouragement and love. i think that's especially difficult with the opposite sex haha.

yeah, mandy said during sabbath school - does it KILL YOU TO SMILE :D hahaha, yeah man. does it kill to give others regular doses of warm fuzzies? i think it's these little things that matter :) those unexpected sms-es, emails or letters. those appreciative smiles and big bear hugs.

what has happened to them!

seems like the older we grow, the lesser the warm fuzzies.

so sad eh :(

why is it that we like receiving but we always pause to think before giving? rahhhhhhhhhhhh.

oh wells. today after a 1.5h long choir prac, i was exhausted. wonder how i survived 9-5 vj choir pracs. but the song's coming along nicely and i think it's lovely! sacra pieces are wonderful and im really looking forward to combined choir.

-yawns. time to sleep. going to study stats tomorrow with my A level friends :) hope i pass the waiver test. -crosses fingers-

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the thorns and roses.

why do some people always like to put others down? whether by spiting the person or gossiping behind his/her back. why is it that some people like to pick out all the possible flaws of others, whether they know the person or not?

so that they'll feel better about themselves?

i realised that i have a lot of pre-conceived notions about many many people i dont even know personally. solely because of what others tell me. cos of what i hear, i fear getting to know these people better and even when i get to interact with them, i am so cautious that i can't get to know them properly. i think that's such a waste. what if they are actually perfectly nice people who will make good companions and their so-called flaws, though possibly true, are probably just over-exaggerated?

rahhh, it's time i start sieving out the half-truths from the truths.

anyway im digressing, haha. i was talking about people who always have something negative to say about practically everyone else.

i should stop hanging around this kinda people.. haha :D and stop being one myself.

well. calvin mentioned during sundown worship one day about something he read in Steps to Christ. abt sharing problems and frustrations with friends. well, this may cause some disagreement but the main gist was - we all have thorns and roses in our lives, why let others see the thorns when we can offer the roses? i agree actually. partially. i dont discourage sharing your life (including its problems) with those close to you, but we shld do it in the right attitude. not in anger but in sincere desire to make things better. no amount of whining and bitching will really help the situation, nor ourselves, nor the person we're talking to.

hmm, dont even know how i got to this topic, hahaha.

anyway, don't keep asking me to get a tagboard. cos i dont particularly like tags and won't be getting a board anytime in the near future, haha. there's a link at the end of every entry, and comments are most welcome :)

the salty breeze

today i relived my love for the beach :D

it was great fun! the weather was perfect. got a slight tan. enjoyed the salty breeze and crystal clear water (well, almost). hahaha. if only our mat was bigger so we cld lie side by side and we were more appropriately dressed to splosh in the sea :) but nonetheless, such a wonderful experience that pris and i have made another date to be back (this time minus all the luxuries like cable car) before school starts and the projects and tests start rolling in. to just bum and relax and get a nice healthy tan!

it's been a good two days, yesterday and today. spent with lovely ladies and somehow i feel more positive about life. like there's more direction and less uncertainty. perhaps it was the mild excitement of matriculation and the feel of finally belonging to an institution of some sort. or the reassurance and some friends are gonna be sticking around with you for a long time :D

im rambling rather randomly.

im actually somewhat looking forward to the camps, sans the insecurities of making new friends and fending off those people with that superior air. hopefully there are nice, friendly, down-to-earth girls in accountancy and p79. (am not too hopeful about the male species, haha)

oh well. very sleepy. mother is going to drag me out of the bed to go running tmr, sigh.

Monday, July 17, 2006

manda lim! :D

haha, today manda lim and i spent one whole day together. very romantic. HAHA :D

matriculation was surprisingly a breeze. after all the horror stories i've heard, i expected a traumatising experience but it was pretty painless.

i think i look disgusting in my student card :( why does manda look pretty at her first try? i took like 3 times and got scolded by naggy friend haha. but at least the guys at the photo booth were funny and understanding haha.

after a nice lunch at the sess subway (our future haunt in the next four years, oh dear) with plenty of talking and laughing ( :D ! ), we made an IMPULSIVE decision to watch pirates. if anyone knows us, manda and i are not very impulsive people. we like things planned :) tee hee. we've decided we're probably bad influence on each other. haha. but EHH the grand cathay was damn nice! pardon the whole mountain tortoise thing but we've never been there before so when we stepped in we just stood there and gawked like idiots HAHA. i've never watched a MOVIE in such a nice place before. concerts and musicals, yes. but a $7 movie? then we tried taking photos. sadly our faces were black, haha!

but im very happy i spent a nice day with my wonderful smooo buddy! heh though i think we wont have ANY classes together :( sob sob.

rahhhhh, freshie camp run III grp p79 ANYONE? i think im gonna be alone with.. strange people. hopefully will find people to click with :)

okiee, tata everyone!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

lemme try posting a pic :D hahaha. RAH i wish we stayed longer!

short and sweet


look who's ranked 8th on the world list. pretty good eh? :D

been trying to blog for AGES, but seems like blogger doesnt like long posts with piccas :( am sooo sad.

KL was a yay yay happy trip! :D love my ladies smallie and buddy. im still in the shopping mood though, anyone? tee hee.

and i've got a new polka dot clutch, everyone bow down to me! :D yay.

Friday, July 07, 2006


i've been trying to post this particular entry about these conversations i had with xiaowei couple of nights back. but everytime i try, sth happens to blogger. and it's a SERIOUS entry! :( booo.

but then again, maybe i shld just keep all that strange information to myself ;)

haha, on a brighter note! im heading for KL this sunday ;) YAY. am looking forward to a whole lot of good food, good shopping and girlish fun :D muah!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

we are fun, we play all day in the sun! :)

today i was out with nichole in town (finally! :D), when someone tapped me on the shoulder. then when i turned she waved in my face and i cldn't for the LIFE of me remember who she was! so i just stared at her, wondering why a stranger was waving at me, trying to steal glances at her companion hoping his face might ring a bell.

im glad nichole has better recognition skills.

MISS LOW! i can't believe i cldnt recognise her cos of her bangs, so paiseh can! pity i can't go for the class gathering next sat, would be lovely to catch up with everyone's life. today we walked around in a daze i dont even rem where we went cos we were just talking mostly hahahah. cant even remember how my dinner tastes like. everything's so hazy now hahaha so odd.

suddenly while walking and talking, i felt slight pangs. i really miss the class a lot. we weren't tight but we were happy and comfortable. read my pitas about a time just before prelims, when all the girls just cldn't get our butts off the canteen benches so we conveniently skipped math lecture to chat :D even jane and xiuqing! these, strangely, are the little things i remember. sitting around studying in the library, hmm. walking to tutorials, dragging our feet. glitter fights and note passing during lectures.

ahhh. haha, i miss the girls esp. we were fun, but good healthy fun. not party girls but we surely werent nerds either.

haha, i wonder how everyone is doing. and whether im the only one who feels this way :)

until then, my heart will go on singing..

just got back from a play directed by karen's brother, wilson. rather cunning plot, but unsatisfactory ending. cicada is such a lovely name, dont you think? haha.

i mentioned in the previous post about wanting to sing and dance in a musical, karen told me i shld join stageit in smu. THEN it occured to me - i've never acted before. what a horrid revelation! not in school, not in church, never ever! :D hahaha i think it's something i've always naturally shunned. singing and dancing is alright, but acting? i dont recall any roles i've played. i always seem to find myself directing the skits/programme whether in assembly item or 13th sabbath prog, or end up doing props/costumes or sing/dance or narrate. but i've never acted. wow hahahaha.

i wont say that i've never liked acting, cos i've never tried. but somehow musicals have more appeal cos of the singing factor, plus it's much more dramatic. i think if i ever tried acting i'd be guilty of "over-acting".

haha, what a bunch of random thoughts.

smu just sent their freshmen prog indemnity form and i was looking at the list of ccas and i wanna try so many! (they told us to tick at least two). strangely all my ticks were at the arts and cultural category. trying to find some sport i'd be vaguely interested in doing but sadly there is none (wth, muay thai?!). where is yoga and pilates? hahahaha.

hmm there's a club called the travel club. wonder whats that hahaha.

ladidums :D i have lots more to write, perhaps tomorrow, bye!