Monday, December 25, 2006

a lovely christmas.

a pretty good shot of the year 3s that were there for reunion session :) whether to sing or to watch. reunion session was mmm, okay. i think i enjoyed the ritz lobby session more but it was nice seeing so many familiar faces again :) even nelson! haha.

reunion sessions are lovely :) 200 people congregated in raffles hotel lobby. every christmas. but the oomph wasnt really there this year. i think the best session was my year zero year haha. when i was still puny and had bad hair.

sang o justi with the year 3s. unofficial batch song :) was nice i guess :)

nelson has set a great tradition for vj choir and i foresee myself coming back to raffles hotel 3.30pm every christmas, whether to sing or to watch. though in years to come most likely the latter.

it was a lovely christmas this year and i really regret not taking ANY PHOTOS. haha completely slipped my mind. it was christmas lunch at karen's with the church youth :) then carolling. then a good 3 hours with my lovely felyna lee :) highlight of my day! just talking and being cynical HAHA. then its off to the usual gathering at aunty janice's. oh my the babies have GROWN. and now they have hair. so adorable and sweet :) small chit chat and catch up and now am home :) pity i cldnt make it for the etta christmas gathering, hope everyone's having fun, hahaha.

am a happy, contented girl :)
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here we come a-carolling!

back at ritz carlton carolling for the fourth christmas eve in a row. somehow i love singing at the ritz on christmas eve, to the happy diners :) have figured that ang mohs are probably the most appreciative sort of audience. and sometimes just one happy face in the audience just makes you wanna sing and sing and sing, knowing that you've made their christmas more blessed.

with gab conducting the sessions, ben and calvin doing the gaudate solos and lucas with his strange emcee lines (HAHA), it was like year one all over again! :) haha, i really do love singing all those old familiar carols. with people who love singing just as much as i do :)

tomorrow it'll be the reunion session at raffles hotel, 3.30pm. im quite looking forward to it :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

youth camp pics


now, as president, i am very pleased to announce that after one year of operation we have our own TEE SHIRTS and a grand total of five members :)

but apparently the boys love wearing it the other way round.

ending off with one of my fav piccas of the camp (: wish it were coloured though.. everyone's CRAMMED ON MY UPPER DECK BED. cosy cosy. glad it didnt fall through.

Monday, December 18, 2006

don't emo la.

i wish we didnt have to come back cos i really enjoyed myself there :)

it wasnt a blast or anything great. but with great company and being so close to nature and away from the outside world? its like perfect. we went to the beach everyday, and night :) that's despite the SWARMS of crabs in the day (which were actually harmless and pretty cute), and the SWARMS of sandflies at night la.

i think the most beautiful moment of the camp was yesterday night :) under the stars by the beach with my closest friends, looking at the different constellations through alden's binoculars, talking about everything, about God. it's so different from singapore beaches. it was pitch black except for the stars (so many of them!) and our torches. the horizon was clear, no ships. the sand was clean and of course, invaded by hermit crabs and sandflies but that didnt bother me much la. the tide got higher till it reached our ground sheets and the drizzle came, possibly a sign that we shld go back in. and we did, but continued talking, perhaps it got a little too scary for me. still, it was lovely and i wish the night never ended.

these are the people i wanna grow old with and carry their children next time :) people i will be praying for every day :)

thank God for angels in our lives. and for allowing us to be so close to nature and so close to You.

Friday, December 08, 2006

thought i'd put up the pics while i can, before i have no more wireless when i move, in approximately less than 12 hours.

can't seem to put up the photo of my room, but nevermind :)

enjoy the photos then :) and i'll see you all when i do.

it's time to sleep :)

a tribute.

the beautiful dwelling.

where i pooped for the past 13 years of my life.

goodbye house, goodbye.

moving house is usually a joyous occasion for most, but unfortunately it isnt so this time. i think i will never forget this day, this week, this incident. still, we grit our teeth a little and do everything with a smile, knowing that God is always with us :)

oh, food for thought. when i mention that im shifting out, friends will ask when where why how what. but those who really care will ask when where why how what, and "do you need my help?"


so i thank God for these people. thank God, for sending angels :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


ANOTHER PICTURE!! :) youth jump :)
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aight, piccas!

for we are the pathfinders strong! am an imposter :)
yay! happy picture. dom looks cool with my scarf, like it's WINTER haha
our PALACE, before striking it down :) heh.
ps: on behalf of mr red-head, everyone click on the 'brats' link on your right :D

the salty breeze

aight. instead of waiting for shannon and dom to send me photos, i shall just blog ya?

so pathfinder camp was really nice :) much as i was disappointed cos it was not the outdoorsy/survival sort of camp, i guess pasir ris park isnt THAT bad. haha! alright la. it was more of a relaxing, enjoyable kinda thing and i really relaxed.

it was really surreal. caressa and i got the BIG tent (henceforth known as "the palace") all to ourselves cos aunty diana didnt stay over afterall! haha. and the first night, i had the best sleep i had the whoooole week. bah, exams!

imagine! when you close your eyes you hear the rustling leaves, waves crashing on the shore. you smell the salt in the air. you feel the pretty strong breeze (the palace was breeeezy :D), like aircon! and to top it all off, daniel was playing the guit in the background. so it was like.. a typical resort style thingamajig. lovely lovely.

the second night was nice too. roasting marshmallows with all the kiddos, haha. playing a rather failed attempt of truth or truth. then spent the night chatting with shannon whom i havent caught up with in a longish time! then dozed off at four am on the benches facing the sea, (freezing, no doubt) in my sleeping bag, only to be woken up by the rain two hours later. bummer! didnt catch the sunrise cos it was all cloudy.

it was a lovely camp :) despite our failed attempts at starting the fire. spending hours just trying to cook maggi mee. hahha it was fun and lovely. piccas up soon :)

after the camp i've decided that camping by the beach isnt that much of a loserish thing to do. haha i think it beats hanging ard in town, or some hawker centre. hah it's a much better way to destress, compared to loud music and crazy dancing :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

leave it all behind.

it is a first day of december, a happy month, or so people believe.

in retrospect, its been a good thirteen and half years butit looks like we've got to leave it all behind. i knew the time was to come sooner or later, it just never really sunk in. it is silly to feel sad over something like this but i practically grew up here and everything that i can remember is, well, here.

when i think about the cause of it all, i can't help but feel indignance and disdain. but i remember that God teaches us to forgive and forget. and things always happen for a reason, they always happen for the best. and that's the only thought that keeps me going. that whatever nonsense happens, God intended something to be learnt and at the very very end, He knows what's best for me. all these seemingly huge setbacks will seem so trivial. so so trivial. and the outcome, will always be for the best.

i need to pack for pathfinder camp, but im too tired. maybe tomorrow morning.

it was a happy, sad day today. and it's a bummmpy, uncertain road ahead.