Saturday, February 24, 2007

youth sabbath

im so so proud of everyone, especially shannon :) i think that there is so much that we have to thank God for:

1. for answering my urgent prayers to heal my sorethroat so i could sing today (thanks to the others for praying for me too!) though still had a stuffy nose and hurting throat i hope the singing was passable and hope i didnt make anyone cringe in the audience.
2. for all the youth choir, who were so enthusiastic and who sounded so lovely singing the last song though we only ever had ONE practice (for the newbies) and it was all well-memorised!! :)
3. for giving shannon the strength and FAITH to stand up there and preach his first-ever sermon! despite the loose bowel movements (haha) and what was it.. sweaty/cold hands? hahas. and for being with him as he prepared his sermon :)
4. for our lovely pianist, kevin! always behind the scenes but indispensable. providing music for ALL our songs - song service, special music and the special last item. may your talents grow as you continue using it for God :) (parable of the talents! haha)
5. for calming all us nervy ones! the choristers and worship team. and alden and i! :)
6. for the lovely sound crew (aka sam) who came super early just to set up the sound system and hear alden and i croak over the mic and re-playing it and giving critique.


7. for a super supportive church! for not criticising our booboos and hiccups.. and for always encouraging the youth :) i think you cant ask for nicer church adults :)
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


why are gsrs so freezing cold every morning? :(

so im in school, bright and early on a NON-SCHOOL DAY. sigh, project meetings.

hmmm i think i've mellowed down a lot since last sem. project wise. haha is that good is that good.. not so picky and on the ball. not so antsy about this and that. finding myself more relaxed now. is that a good thing? or that could translate to being SLACK hahas. but im glad i dont find myself stressing over this and that :) tho i expect next half of the sem to be hellish and i'll probably be more antsy than usual but let's i've "enjoyed" the last half of the sem so let's just continuing enjoying this week. hahas. i foresee not-so-good grades this sem but, somehow a tiny part of me doesnt want to care. rahhh, the paper chase gets tiring. the fight to always be on top is tiring. cut throat environment, but i guess it's rubbing iron with iron, everyone gets stronger.

im rambling.

so, yesterday was fun! it was a nice day out :) house-hopping. from shan's in the morning, where we sang stupid songs and twanged on the piano (or rather, justin twanged). shucks i must really learn those classical pieces on the lighted keyboard too! HAHA. then it's off to josh's at BISHAN for liv prac with shan, which was niceeee :) i really miss singing, ohh yes i do! haha, then it's off to buy shan's HAMSTER FOOOD. and to karen's house with the brats :) which equals to plenty good food! (i have a sorethroat already) and plenty good company though i was falling aslp half the time. haha. i really liked the prayer meeting at the end, and i think it should be done more often, whenever two or more of us get together. cos we're not just a social group, we are part of God's church and we were all brought together for a different reason.

so anyhoos, to all brats please READ THE BRATS BLOG (link at on the right) :D

photos will be up soon i hope! i cleverly brought my camera along yesterday, WITHOUT MY MEMORY CARD. i must be the greatest genius around. so those who are responsible, SEND ME PICTURES NOW.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

it's the time of the year again.

yada yada :) everyone grows up so so so so fast i cant even keep track! so i didnt take many photos today but it was nice seeing all the little kiddos again! and here are my faves!! the jan- sisters and my little charsiewbao :)

peekaboo! janelle kept taking photos of herself!! here's one :)

and here's the favourite coussie who's going off to melbourne (again) this sunday. haha from the barbiedoll times till the stack-all-the-mahjong-tiles-on-the-table times :) <3

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy vday :)

why do i feel like im the only one who came for stats class today ? :( its starting in teeeen minutes and there's no one arounddddd.

oh well. haha. cldnt seem to find pretty roses piccas. this is the prettiest.. i think vday in smoo/vj will never beat vday in st nicks :) haha i neeeeeed my hugssssss!! hahas.

okay yay i see classmates! :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

happy happy

feeling somewhat in a happy mood today :) dance was enjoyable and it seems to be taking shape! and no aches no aches. somehow today's practice made me feel happy happy.

my bgs prof is on the front covers of tnp and in the straits times and lianhezaobao for going missing on a trekking trip. oh gosh! he's so free! he can go TREKKING while we burn our weekends studying for midtermss!! and he cancelled monday's bgs class. why oh why can't he cancel ours too :( hahas

but its still a haaaaaaaappy day :) albeit the hellish week ahead of me. rawrrrrs.

Friday, February 02, 2007


this is my 100th post! :) and shall be dedicated to septven :) :) :) the bestest LTB group in the world :) sometimes we go through the tough times hating it, dreading the deadlines and presentations. but after it's all over, you look back and remember the sweetest memories haha.

a little something that justin wrote yesterday that really touched our hearts.

"We looked at each other, thought to ourselves perhaps... the strangest feelings and the stranger figures all around the table. Uncertainties, eagerness, even reluctance. We came in seven, with the least familiarity of one another, or maybe a few others. The usual hi byes, the first meeting..... the sunflowers as an object.... the ever bright yellow glows within, much to all our delight. Anticipation... perhaps too much of it, we had great fun... nine of the pieces, moving around precariously in a tiny plastic bag; we exchanged it for a weekend. Took the car, all the way past punai to the traffic light across the reservoir... Still holding them steadily, we stepped up one at a time, we showed them to the class. the relentless mails, the long meetings..... we paid with lunches.... She wore the dress, and the camera started rolling... it merely took a day... there the two soldiers in class, tried their best, and the well written poem... the red car had taken us the longest way, only together we could have taken ousrselves further... we did... the late nights... very late nights, the eyes were red... we have come so far... even time itself couldn't provide an explanation... the song played, we were standing around trying to get in beat... the time wasn't right but the mood was perfect.... ever so ready to do a presentation himself... the yellow tops as bright as the flowers, hadn't notice until darkness came... helped the less privileged... enthusiasm, never too much of it... we saw ourselves like we were many years ago.... the story goes on.... we merely completed the prologue... let us write each others' stories, shall we? "

haha how sweet is that la.. boys do have their emo periods, tee hee!

cheers to a lovely project group :) or rather, a lovely group of friends :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


sleepy-eyed. came to school really early and was actually intending to use that precious time to read my bgs (test later, again!) but i ended up falling asleeeeeep. like seriously conked off in the gsr.

recently not really in the trigger happy mood so no pictures ehh.. but here's a really pretty cheery pic (my wallpaper!).

nice rights! makes me feel so much happier hah. now everyone knows what flowers i likeeee :)

realised i have been blogging all my random ramblings instead of like.. intelligent, thought-provoking things. maybe i shall go on a short hiatus. haha

went rock-climbing the day before and i must say that it's actually quite fun when you reach the top! hahaha. though i dont foresee myself climbing in the long run. climbing is really quite an art eh.. must think and concentrate. someone should invent artistic climbing.

:) :)

i realised in that in uni, if you wanna do stuff, really just whack and be thick-skinned. maybe the world's like that. haha think my skin has grown thicker after coming to uniiiiiiii. alrights la. enough rubbish. going to read my bgs. and pretend to pay attention in MA.