Tuesday, May 29, 2007


a little late! but this is from cantare last sunday :) was really nice seeing my favourite friends though we were sitting at different places hahas. hearts to my lovely soloist, felyna lee hui chay! whom i think still makes a wonderful sop :) hahahhas.
looking forward to 17 june :)


Monday, May 28, 2007


haha. SNCHOIR.BLOGSPOT.COM for more info :)

so excited! :) yays.

of the long ago :)

haha it was an unexpected gathering :) twas really nice nonetheless. i really miss singing, in a good choir, to the MAX! rahhhs!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the song that they were singing, is ringing in my heart

so i was just testing out my photoshop skills. not too great, must explore more!

twas sov yesterday and frankly i was looking forward to vc more than vj. and it's odd seeing all your friends up on stage singing, but in a different sort of uniform. ahhhh.

i want to sing too! :) :)
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

veronica mars

this is going to sound odd but i've discovered this fantastic tv series :D maybe i only find it nice cos i havent watched dramas in like 341354840982412458 years. no tv, what to do? :) hahas. and afterall, veronica mars is aired on channel 5 at the odd timing of 3pm - 4pm. (first caught it at lynn's place) am not really a tv addict but still, i think this fantastic man. hahahas. seriously, everyone with nothing to do this summer, go to that awesome tv webpg and watch it! season 1 at least :)

haha i have finished season 1. but i think i shall stop at season 2 :) enough of my teevee needs this summer.
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lazy afternoon

my favourite baby girl just turned one a week back! :) looking sweet in her little tweed dress :)

haha this is a first sunday afternoon since cny (i kid you not) that i am at HOME :) so im all dandy and happy! though i must say that i was quite looking forward to dance. packed my ballet shoes and dance pants was about to run out of the house to catch my bus when i was smart enough to check my smses. so yay! a nice rainy afternoon to laze and be happy :)

love to all. i love my hols hahas.
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Monday, May 07, 2007

some things dont change :)

sometimes it is nice to know that some things just don't change :) the summer hols has seen me meeting up and bumping into people i havent seen in a long long time and it's a nice feeling, knowing that some things never change :) it's good it's good :)

though in total irony, sometimes, we also know that some drama never ceases, some gossiping never stops. even across the big big globe. oh well, just glad that i'm not caught anywhere in the crossfire.


so smuchoir is goodbye for me :) and i havent even tried singing with them yet hahas. but i can't say i did not expect this. haha come to think of it, it's like PERSECUTION. not sure if that is bad or good tho, cos one avenue less to sing :( but oh well, it may be a good thing afterall :) plus i need to focus, can't have too many things on my hands. am already too much of a busy bee :)

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Thursday, May 03, 2007


my canon ixus 4 is getting way too blurry and the flash aint working! time for a new one :) this is real pretty but it's 700 buckeroos! :) oh wells :) hahhas. it's still pretty aint it.
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busy bee

i realised i am actually quite a busy bee this summer!! :)

1. work at school gym
2. dance!
3. choir
4. asoc marketing
5. ftb facilitating
6. idp 07 (omg)
7. mission trip planning

on top of all these, all the other informal happy things like meeting up with old friends, snchoir mega reunion (!!), all the random concerts here and there, random trips to random places! :)

yay i love my summer hols.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

center stage

despite the predictable plot and cheesy lines, this has still gotta be one of my favourite films everrr! :) watched it at least 7 or 8 times since i first stumbled upon it in sec4. then sweet hide burnt it into a vcd for me and been watching it over and over again since then.

haha ballet and dance is intriguing in its own way. deepest regrets forgoing it eight years back, but glad to be back on track. albeit fat and rusty. but oh well :) at least it makes it happy :) :) :)
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