Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i never knew that vouching 30 samples cld take a day!

am very woozy and very tired of work. my eyes hurt and my brain is slowing down. not that i use my brains to do my work hahaha.

i think the highlight of my day is lunch! :) that means meeting people :) and i love meeting people to catch up and talk. and i just found myself another permanent lunch buddy in selegie - the nus intern in LC who offered me meiji chocolates the other day. her colleagues are mean. she's sitting in the finance dept cos there isnt any space at her office left. AND they dont eat lunch with her.

had dinner with the buddy yesterday after her two-year disappearance to the US of A. then we visited the front office boy in marina mandarin hahaha which was quite funny really and i think this summer wld be much more lovely :)

right, its time to re-vouch certain things. very tiring.
and i miss the lemon barley in office.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

audit & assurance

afternoons are always the hardest to keep awake.

there are three things about audit that make work slightly more interesting:

1) its unpredictability. i think its fun being sent to random places at short notice (though probably only in the case of interns and associates) and of course, meeting new people at different offices! some are really unpleasant though, like the big one at T. but those here at LC are really quite friendly. some girl (i think shes an intern here) just came by to offer me extremely big pineapple balls this morning (which i refused HAHA) and just 5 mins ago she came by with meiji candy and poured out a whole lot of it on tissue paper insisting that i eat some. :) but she's spoiling my lose weight plan.

2) its actually quite interesting sieving through certain p&c stuff! i think its my kaypoh nature at work HAHAHHA.

3) you get to work with different people and under different people for different jobs, which may be a good or bad thing. people im working with at LC are kinda hmmm not my type.. but oh well :) jy told me i got booked on BT (back at gateway again!) for the week after and that the people are nice PLUS i can take a cab to work daily HEHEHE. so im quite looking forward to it :)

but does all this mundane work + low pay cancel out all theses supposed 'perks'. i feel like im not using my brains much, or being challenged. the work is simple and routine. i think it is only up at the managerial level where things get a bit more exciting.. it becomes more, client management and team management and actual big picture planning. but that's six years!

i think im rambling. not sure what i want to do when i grow up. mmms dont want to grow up! maybe i cld be a housewife and look after my children. then again, i can't cook.


okay three more samples before my toilet break :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

anything to rid of that strange feeling

Saturday, May 17, 2008


this has been a crazy week with no internet connection in the office and late nights out. but still lovely.

monday - i learnt what true friends are :) they are those who insist on helping you carry your heavy, huge & superbly ugly laptop case even though they were dressed up so nicely for a concert :) aww loves :)

thursday - i have also learnt that true friends are those who will come all the way to your office building to return you your matric card. and when people whom are/were far away suddenly sms and call you after a long time, it really makes your day. and it's really lovely hearing from them :)

friday - random friends you havent spoken to in a long time can really brighten up your day by miraculously appearing next to you in a crowded mrt station when you are feeling extremely grumpy. and having a fellow intern in the same office as you makes the vouching more bearable.. esp when we get a room all to ourselves hahahha.

although my heart feels somewhat empty now, and i am sorely missing certain people even though ive seen or heard from them the past week, i am learning to count my blessings. :) God created us all to be such social creatures. i find it sad that we have such little time for taking part in purposeful activities together. because i think friendship is more than just random meetups for coffee or concerts or meals. though i guess circumstances do make it impossible sometimes.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

so there's been many comments about my apparently spherical shape. hahahah. oh welllls :) time to think about what to do about it.

in any case, work is getting better.. though vouching is really quite a pain in the ass after a while. and i am quite sad that i am really not learning much here. audit is such a systematic and routine job that is practically.. brainless. maybe i am wrong because i havent been able to see the big picture. and all the stuff i thought was more exciting and strategic in nature like the risk analyses are apparently.. "for show". in a way? i really want to try a real internship somewhere else.. i think david's really having a good time doing com&ben haha it sounds useful at least.

mmms, i think i need to learn how to cook. HAHA :)

Monday, May 05, 2008


so the day got worse today.. with bad news from mom, and seeing more evidence of a world that is crumbling into pieces and drifting further and further away from Jesus.

feeling pretty much jaded now. i know i shld be writing happier things! i will :) soon :) now i just feel like writing about everything ive seen and experienced today.. but that'll be a double whammy. i already have a lousy post below. oh wellllls.

i am missing many people i havent seen or spoken to in some time. drifted from so many i havent met in ages that i wish time would rewind itself back to the times when there were less facades and more sincere 'i love yous'.

its back to the spools office tomorrow, which has only 1 working lan cable so of course being the most junior i dont get to use it hahaha. and that stinks when you have a reformatted comp and NO work assigned to you. so all i did this afternoon after shifting to the spools office was to document ONE invoice & delivery order, AND play hearts on the computer. tomorrow, i will be prepared for lull periods.. im gonna start beefing up my sermon - 21 june is looming! haha tt's something useful to do :)


i am an extremely unsatisfied intern.

i think the planning is horrible. some of us are overloaded while the others, like me, are sitting in the office - blogging and chatting on sametime. either that or i have a tic who does not trust me to do work. "oh this is too difficult i think you wouldnt know how to do this". then teach me! tts the point of interning right. i really do not mind the mindless cross-referencing, casting or filling up checklists.. but right now there is absolutely nothing to do. i am stuck with this job till 16 may then i move on to another audit till august so im hoping that my longer stint will let me learn more.. since im following the entire process except the planning. and i need to get out of the office haha even if it means going to ANOTHER office. at least its a change of environment. haa like someone said "audit is like desk-hopping".

yesterday was a bad bad day. everything that cld have gone wrong, went wrong.. so i left the party early to go for dance, but i lost my way (jalan jurong kechil is so not my area) and ended up in clementi. so i was late. but ultimately i did not go for dance in the end cos i only brought half my dance clothes.. what an idiot right. i sat on the toilet bowl outside the CCA room for 20mins thinking about how stupid i am and wondering whether i shld still go for dance half-dressed and late. several phonecalls and whining later i walked back to the carpark and drove home. so i miss dance, AND the cutting of the birthday cake, AND i paid 2 dollars to park in school for half an hour.

oh gosh i sound like a whiner today. but on a brighter note, i went cheapo shopping with my mom the past two days which was nice and happy! :) and we're going again tonight! also, i scraped by this sem by not majorly screwing up.. but this is still officially the worst sem ever and the most disappointing. still, i should be thankful it wasnt any worse. :)

and singing makes me happy :D i am glad im back singing this summer though it really isnt that much. i am just glad to be singing again.. i guess dancing certainly isnt my forte, or my passion. it is fun when it is not stressful.. when i am not pressured to look slim and graceful. or maybe im just lazy and i prefer exercising only my voice box than my entire body.

i need to do something. ive been writing for the past half an hour and no one has disturbed me. and when i ask for work to do, i get sent to my seat with a "yes i'll get back to you soon and tell you what to do". do i sound very disgruntled? are all interns experiencing the same or am is it just me, or my supervisor?

i think i shall think of something useful to do while waiting for jobs. i cant be blogging everyday or facebooking or emailing people or chatting on sametime whenever there are lull periods. i need to accomplish SOMETHING this summer.. and perhaps steal a few days away to go somewhere uncontactable.

im rambling haha.