Wednesday, August 30, 2006

happy, random things.

i got home at ten plus today, went into my room, and there was like.. a LAVA LAMP on my table! :D

saw the card and am truly pleasantly surprised! :) i didn't think many people would remember, much less take the effort to surprise me. and it was like all set up and everything i just had to switch it on hahha :D thank you mr policeman, thank you mr president! am really really very touched and still slightly overwhelmed :)

have never been a big fan of lava lamps but this really takes my breath away man. there's like glitter in it.. and the reflections on my wall.. like dancing shimmery lights! beautiful :)


oh and i just saw this photo from asoc camp, during the night activities.

my 3 personal hairstylists. seriously i was very upset cos i just showered (nice heated swimming pool toilet). this station sucks cos we had to give a female group member the FUNKIEST hairstyle apparently. i lost scissors paper stone to koen and had to surrender my nice clean shampooed hair to a whole lotta gel and mousse and random gunk :(

but AIYA, all in the name of fun :) plenty love to all! :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

eager beaver early reader

today i called aunty faith and told her that i wont be helping out anymore, cos wed & thu are lesson days for me. and my mom doesnt want me to work on fridays. sigh, in a way i feel relieved cos i dont have to constantly remind myself to keep my friday afternoons free. hmm.

but am suddenly feeling a little sad, cos i didnt even get to say goodbye to the kiddos! i said bye to them the last time, thinking i'd be seeing them again. now it seems like i left abruptly without any closure. after 8 months of trudging down to tanah merah and being greeted by sweet faces, its like it suddenly stopped. haha.
sue and i didnt even get to take photos with them! we were supposed to start bringing our cameras in july to start taking piccas in case we had to stop working when uni started :(

i wanna see them eager beavers again :( the last time i saw ying she was sobbing cos she couldnt do her compre, the last time i saw the nice p1 class was.. ages ago! since before asoc camp. i miss the naughty k2s, the sweet p1s, the rowdy p2s, the nice p3s, the easily-amused p4s, the cynical p5s, the hardworking p6s. omg, i sound retarded. but YA, i miss all the eager beavers :)

oh well! at least i found ONE eager beaver photo i took in feb. the very hyper zheming :) i think he looks like that black-haired guy from dexter's laboratory.


sigh sigh. at least there's the hope of going back there again next year if aunty faith needs my help :) -crosses fingers-

Sunday, August 27, 2006


some piccas to brighten up this blog :) haha, with lynn and wuhui (class buddies! past & present) in the gym toilet, which is super nice cos it has HEATED SHOWERS :D

i so totally need to take more photos in school, muahaha.

so the first week of school was pretty nice :) lessons were mostly off to a good start, except LTB. feeling a little nervy abt that :( sigh. and everyone's starting to mug, which scares me cos afterall, it's just the first week of school! :( BAH. hahaha i ought to get into the swing of things soon enough.

everyone was quite right predicting the fact that i'd be in school everyday regardless of whether i have lessons or not. seems like i'd be heading to school tomorrow! :)

so smoo's pretty great. the only downside - its really small campus and the lack of nice food. but no matter! shall start looking out for nice places, it's just a hassle to travel in and out of school with a heavy bag la. oh locker pls come soon! :)

shall go do some readings before heading down to church agaaaaaain. haha.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

freshie syndrome

i find first week of uni very interesting. like how by some chance or other, wherever i go, i'd meet people i know, then i'd flit from place to place, from group to group, from friend to friend, without much awkwardness, if any. lunch/break buddies are people you met an hour ago. faces that you may nt even recognise after the lunch is over. suddenly you're making new friends every where. everyone's so friendly "hello im _, you are?" then when you find common interest you just talk nonstop, without a care, without judgement. everyone trying to leave a nice, chirpy, friendly impression.

i call this the 'freshie syndrome' for the first week of school.

over-enthusiasm but good nonetheless :) i've met so many new people, talked to so many new people i can hardly remember them all :(

but once the school term chugs at full steam, the syndrome goes away, and the dust settles, i wonder what's left of all these?

today, i met a freshie who is 2 years older. we chatted abt the thing we had in common. strangely i didnt know his name he didnt know mine, then when he found out who i was, i think the attitude kinda changed. which is sad.

okay im not supposed to talk abt sad, disturbing things.


vivace tmr, pretty exciting. gonna sign up for lots and lots of things. uni is gonna be great fun! :)

:D !

haha, first day of official lessons today! pretty uneventful but it was generally good :) comms is a fun class, yay. and FA is not that bad, yet! am pretty happy that we're actually learning something useful in uni, compared to all that nonsense in jc and sec sch :D

altogether a very very good start to 4 years in smoo. happy! just hoping that LTB and bizlaw will be alright tomms.

aight gonna try a new bus route to school tmr! too traumatised by the squeezing in the mrts during peak hour this morning :( boo.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

first day.

despite the fact that i didnt have lessons today, lynn and i popped by school :) just to cou re nao, haha. first day of term in smu was pretty hyped compared to the hols. checked out verts, booklink to source for textbooks. and the library is really quite a nice place to study :D shall be the favourite haunt of sheena the mugger-wannabe.

smoo doesnt really feel like a school though. everyone's always on the go, laptop in hand. makes one feel like a busybee, rather than a student. lessons don't feel like lessons at all! (well, i wldnt know yet but it seems so). smoo lacks that lazy homey campus feel, rahhh. am somewhat looking forward to uni life though, hope the next few weeks dont prove me wrong.

went for BOSS briefing, didn't learn much though. but met plenty SN babes! plenty plenty. they're all flooding smoo, esp SoA. lucky SoA then :) found out that wu hui's in all the same classes as me and lynn too! it's a 4w thing, haha. very excitaaaating. 3 of us gonna be best friends for the whole term.

jerry the asoc faci who sold me his biz law book made me promise to mention him on my blog. thick skinned! so there. haha.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


i am superbly happy with my timetable! :D got block A and it's a 2-day school week! wed & thu. haha omg, means i get a 5-day weekend! that so totally rocks.


and the bestest thing?

i have a friend in all 4 classes! lynn and i are gonna have so much fun :) oh and study too, yeah, whatever. haha no la im gonna be a mugger in uni okay.

FTB camp wasnt as bad everyone made it out to be. maybe its the group and the faci! haha we rock la ;) must wait for jaz before getting all the piccas. but am very sad that we didnt get to kayak cos of the stupid rain! sigh sigh sigh. other than that, it was a spiffy camp!

im feeling quite positive about school now :)

we love smu! (for now la)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


feeling kinda jaded, about camp, about friends, about school - everything!

these are the days i want to crawl into a comfy hole to hide and stay there while the world passes by.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

pretty crocs

check out the new CROCS. ballet-inspired prima. they're really quite pretty and beats those funny looking ones with big holes :) RAHHH i want one!

but i wonder how it looks real life. maybe like fishmonger boots ladies style hahahaha.

"Your cheaper, rain-friendly alternative to the beloved Birkenstocks. "


Sunday, August 06, 2006


i remembered watching amelie, that french movie, last year. and there was this part that amused me greatly, and don't know why i suddenly thought about it again today. there's a girl and a guy who knew of each other's existence but they never really talked or interacted. then amelie got them together by telling the girl that the guy has the hots for her and vice versa, and tadaaa - a relationship.

it's funny isnt it?

what ARE relationships based on?


jianhao was convincing me to join chorale, cos he said that they may be changing practice dates from saturdays to sundays. don't know if that's really true but it's a tempting thought. i really miss singing. as in choral singing. where people who sing with you share the same passion for making beautiful music. nt through obligation but through love for singing. and really, where else can one find such a competent group of singers bonded by the same passion.

the idea of wcg 08 in austria is also very appealing. haha.

but im scared la. i know im not one of the best singers in vj history. and i didn't exactly have fantastic social memories during my stay in one of the world's top 10 choirs. i know i shldnt be allowing my little fears and apprehensions come in the way of allowing myself to make beautiful music once more. but these doubts are just there and i can't seem to rid of it totally.

i was so against joining this year because of my experiences in vj. and i realised that it's stupid. cos all my reasons were insignificant and well, totally unrelated to the point of joining chorale - to sing again.

there is youth choir in church, yes. but the feeling is just different. we're a wonderful group :) bonded by a different goal. but i want to do more. so im playing with the idea of joining but hmm, i dont know. i'll have plenty of time to think about this though :)

haha this is such a random post about all my little embarrassing thoughts. but the point of this entry is that i really miss singing, in a choir. i really do. and this desire is creeping up on me again.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

mt faber :D

how can i forget to mention youth outing to mt faber :D pretty lovely place with lovely company! can't wait for youth camp ;D love!

the art of multi-tasking.

today, i managed the art of cooking lunch while having a serious conversation on the phone. haha! very pleased because i didn't burn anything :)

fel darl, whatever decision, no regrets and you know people like me will be supporting whatever makes fel happy :D love love!

i cant figure out eBay. i must be daft.