Monday, November 27, 2006


am a big fat bum! :)

upset abt fa exam, but its overrr so all efforts to business law but AM A BUM. shall sleep. and start studying tomorrow instead, tee hee. law of agency, what a random topic smack out of nowhere!

bah whatever, the bed's calling me.

in weijian's words:

dr sleep
cr time

both are assets.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

trigger happy week!

click on image for larger view :)

i've been meaning to study since 12pm, but i couldnt resist blog hopping and looking at photos. so here are my own updates (: of my trigger happy week. FA LTB biz law lesson (: and uniform party of course. heh. i quite regret not heading to brewerks with the comms class. but i guess the ltb portfolio was of more importance.

it's the last week of school and i brought my camera and my lovely address book for everyone to write in. haha just like primary school. but it's sad that this will all come end. only 13 weeks but it felt like i've been in smoo for ages! i like my term 1 classes and my term 1 friends/acquaintances. imagine - term 2 will be a whole new hurdle, new environment and i am kinda scared :( i guess i can only pray for the best and hope that i'll meet these lovely people again. some perhaps friends for life :) but most will just be strangers in time to come.
oh well, it's sad but life's like that :) im just grateful for the lovely, blessed first term of uni life :)
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Friday, November 10, 2006

a dreadful day?

it is not a day that i look forward to as much as i used to. sometimes it gets dreadful with all the responsibilities that i wish i could shake away.

sometimes i just want to sit and play the piano and not have to talk to anyone or think about anything.

it seems like the heart is not there anymore, there is no more cheerful spirit, ready to take up any task and do it well.

preachers should stop talking about what we should do but instead, tell us how we should do it. i think we all know very clearly what is right and wrong but we just dont know how to go about doing it with the right attitude.

maybe a change of environment tomorrow would do some good afterall, perhaps perhaps.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

ya ya papaya.

so hell's week over :) i havent been updating so here's some feasting for the eyes. with pictorial updates!

ltb final presentation today, the presentation we slogged for till 1.30am yesterday. till 3.30am sunday morning. oh gosh, i think i'll actually miss ltb :)

septven, my lovelies. and our lovely pink checkered geckos! :)
bananas and pink guavas haha.

LTB class picca w prof!!

can't wait for potluck next wk :) fun fun fun fun fun!