Wednesday, January 31, 2007


im freezing my legs off in gsr 2.16 waiting for my lessons to start. YAWNS. it's been a busy yet unproductive week. and yesterday i discovered that we've got stats hw due next week! i think im the last person to find out.

the thing about sess gsrs, is that the walls are not sound proof. or rather, they're practically porous! i can totally hear what's going on next door.. but at least they are playing corrinne may :) :) :) that makes a slightly happier morning.

need to find black pen. patron's day saw me losing my entire pencil case :( my markers! my pens! my pencil! :( can't do AS hw with no black pen. sigh.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

what a day.

it was a rather grouchy day to begin with, with the SMU undergrad office pissing me off. it's really irresponsible of them. seriously. and it's rather painful to my ego, and makes me feel taken for granted.

but let's count the blessings for today :)
1. a good twc meeting, with the whole ppt out. though am feeling unsettled cos it's gonna be boring.
2. finally played badminton. sadly with 3 pros, making me feel very noobish.
3. climbed up the rockwall! :) albeit the easiest route hehs. but sense of achievement ok! i still cannot and will never do bouldering haha.
4. a good bgs meeting. very animated members and i like lively meetings! hope the energy remains uppp.
5. I GOT THE GYM JOB. omgs, seriously im overly shocked. because i think i had the most pathetic application :) hees.

so all in all, a good day :)

Monday, January 29, 2007


Protagoras taught rhetoric and argumentation, which in ancient Greece comprised the education of a lawyer. Euathlus wished to learn these arts and asked Protagoras to teach him. He said he could not pay right away but promised to pay in full after he won his first case. Protagoras agreed, and taught Euathlus rhetoric and argumentation. Some accounts say Protagoras sued Euathlus for payment immediately upon the completion of the lessons; other accounts say he waited until it was evident that Euathlus was not taking on any cases. The case was heard in the court of Areopagus in Athens.

The judge asked Protagoras why he thought he had a claim against Euathlus. Protagoras argued, "I will either win this case or lose it. If I win it, then Euathlus must pay me, by the judgment of the court. If I lose it, then he must pay me, under our contract. So he must pay me either way."

The judge was impressed, and asked Euathlus to reply. Euathlus had learned his lessons well, and replied, "I too will either win this case or lose it. If I win it, then I need not pay Protagoras, by the judgment of the court. If I lose it, then I need not pay him, under our contract. So I need not pay him either way."

What would you decide if you are the judge?

a little something from my AS homework.. just to tease your brains a little. i still dont know the answer :( haha.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


this is so adorable right! :)

tomorrow's gonna be a happy day! im glad :D

things are picking up in school. work, projects and all that jazzzz. but better than being bored to death. life's getting more exciting with the plethora of activities are that just screaming my name HAHAHA. oh wells. here's to a good year ahead :) i hope!!

smallie's coming to visit tomorrow! YAYS.

aights im running out of intelligent things to say, so goodnight all :) im gonna study MA.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


a little something to brighten up this place (: i love macro pics and i love flowers. THEREFORE, i love macro pics of flowers. haha they're just so cheery arent they? :) sunflowers, orange daisies.. i like!

so it's my homeday again! strangely this semester seems very.. relaxing. for now :) haha. i havent had a single project meeting yet. very odd. last sem this time i was FREAKING OUT over my biz law presentation. couldnt eat and sleep in peace.. oh well :) then there was ltb. AH, the horrors of ltb deadlines. this just feels strange now haha.

shall enjoy alllll the free time i have then.. haha loving loving it :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

tee hee.

my precious baby is coming home to meeeee! :)
it didnt lose its memoryyyyy!
just gotta do plastic surgeryyyy!
costs eight hundred and fifty threeeee!
but STILL,
my precious baby is coming home to meeeee! :)


oh my pretty vaio i will never EVER leave you on the toilet ledge ever again!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


i guess it was a pretty fruitful day yesterday :)

i think aunty mae has the most amazing stories to tell, and the most amazing stamina to talk nonstop for more than an hour. even i cant do that! haha.

need lotsa prayers this weekend. plenty plenty.

Friday, January 12, 2007


today is officially, the worst day of this year :(

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

3 seconds of fame.

so i appeared on teevee for the 3rd time in my life. how, pivotal HAHA. at least this wasnt some cheesy commercial like the other two.

have i mentioned that the first time i appeared on teevee (very much by accident) was with fel, when they caught a shot of us walking at bishan interchange in sec1. we were innocently heading towards moelc for french lessons, when we saw a camera nearby. i stupidly pointed at it asking fel if it was some sort of survey thing to record human traffic at bishan interchange. oh gosh.

anyway, it was commercial for a chinese programme whose topic of that week was - QING CHUN DOU! i can sense mocking. okay i WAS very pimply but i didnt know it was enough for an ad on pimples. everyone in sch kept telling us both about how they saw us on teevee but i never ever caught that commercial (though fel did).

the 2nd commercial was of course, the MOE one. of vjchoir haha singing at the "choir olympics in bremen" when we were actually doing the photoshoot and filming in our very own pt. ooo, we even have our faces on a paper bag. i rem how jiax and i were so excited when we saw ppl carrying the paper bags at the career exhibition. then we went to the MOE booth to trick the people into giving us the bags, by pretending to be very interested in being teachers.

haha this things are so funny when you think back. and yeah, i never saw the MOE commercial either.

oh. and for records, i didnt catch the recent one on CNA either. but SMU daily alerts is very efficient. got video. i cringed watching myself stammer and fidget.

so much for the 3 seconds of fame! HAHA.

Monday, January 01, 2007

fast away the old year passes!

fa la la la la, la la la la!
hail the new, ye lads and lasses!
fa la la la la, la la la la!

we spent the most of the new year so far squashed at the back of alden's van. haha but it was quite fun :) watched the fireworks, moped about the noisy beach and now i am homeeee! why didnt anyone do that '5 4 3 2 1 YAY!' thing before the fireworks appeared? BUMMER.

now, since i was touched by ralph's blog post (haha), i shall do a what i have done the past year thingamajig too.

1. i earned my own moolah for the first time :)
2. tried driving, haha.
3. started a youth choir! :) :) ask me for the newsletter!
4. saved my mom from paying my school fees
5. survived the first term of uni pretty well
6. moved out of my eunos house :(
7. started playing the piano more frequently! :) its fun.
8. made a LOT of new friends
9. (same as ralph), am much closer to the youth in church
10. GREW FATTER! (no i didnt lose 10kg, sigh)

haha this list is by no means exhaustive. and it was indeed a pretty rocky yet fulfilling year. in a strange sort of way. and im really looking forward to this new year ahead :) esp the summer break, haha. well, people talk abt new year resolutions and i do have a few :) but that shall be kept to myself aight?

thank God for staying by my side the whole year :) and i know He will be there, in the many many many years to come :)