Monday, April 30, 2007

angel of music

say you love me every waking moment
turn my head with talk of summertime
say you need me with you now and always
promise me that all you say is true
that's all i ask of you :)
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Friday, April 27, 2007

hap-hap-happy :D

am feeling rather happy and contented the past two weeks, just like this little kid in this collage :) summer time is indeed fantastic, aint it? :)

doing lotsa random things here and there. but enjoying every moment. that's what life should be :) it's a strange sorta contented equilibrium :D

this collage is really special i think. this little Hebrew boy is four. and it's his 4th portrait. his mom/dad takes photos of him every year (bday i guess). and it's really quite heartwarming looking thru all four portraits, seeing the little boy grow up. and all his sweet little expressions.

it's pouring real heavily outside. time to curl up in bed and read something :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

gold with honours :)

haha, some things/some people just never change :)
i heart ootgr!
no idea why we're so excited about their gold with honours when 1) we dont even know the juniors. 2) they dont even know us. 3) they prolly dont care about who we are what we did.
haha but in the strange sort of way we love them anyway and are so so so so proud of them
can't wait for sunday! :)
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

rid of clutter

okay, i've been in the gym for two hours doing absolutely nothing.

but greeeeat :) i am in the midst of clearing up some of the stuff in my laptop and inbox. everything's in a huge huge mess of sorts. but end of term always signifies purging of unnecessary clutter eh? haha makes me feel cleansed and happy. and there's still that whole bunch of junk in my cupboard. must spend this week clearing it too :)

some indian guy from bombay was like looking lost outside the gym and kept calling me out to ask for directions. said he's looking for the indian airlines office in smu. (?!) how odd. then he said he's a yoga master, kept calling me 'sister' and told me im going am very lucky and that some really good thing is gonna happen to me come july 2009. *shrugs*

maybe he is really a nice guy with good intentions and is genuinely lost. would really like to believe so. hahas. but singaporeans are generally suspicious and cynical, like me. why why why?

ohhhh wells.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

the legacy.

now, four years after graduation. everything and everyone was so strange yet so familiar. i felt the same excitement, the same anxiety. i spied the same black tshirts with luminous orange words. the same room, the same familiar photographs. i even remembered uttering the same words four years ago "8 months of hardwork for those few minutes on stage".


oh, and the same bottle, with golden stars :)

so the faces are new, and perhaps they dont even care about who we are or what we have done. but manda said it right.. it's like a sense of pride, seeing hints of our legacy living on :) seeing them sing better and better each year. and knowing that somehow somewhat you were part of this, albeit 4 years ago.

i believe they feel the same way right now, the way we felt 21 july 2003, the day before THE BIG DAY.

hope they will feel the same when the results are announced too :) haha, utter euphoria and elation :D !

will keep them in my prayers tonight :)

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if i could relive any day, i would..

..choose sec four in st nicks.

at 6.45am it's down to the tracks to run (strangely we did that a lot in sec 4 even AFTER napfa) then it's morning assembly and i am saying the prayer/making announcements. then lessons. then recess is prefects meeting at old specs stand, then rushing to the canteen to grab chicken biscuit/toast/zooland to eat in class (shhh.). then more lessons :) and lunch! and choir prac till 6pm. then we linger around chopin room before heading down street 13 to macs, pooling all our coins together to share 2 large fries :) the simplicity of school life :)

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Sunday, April 22, 2007


i think i have mentioned umpteenth time how glad i am that summer is here (the only four months i have been looking forward to since jan this year) hahhas. indeed it's been great fun and im looking forward to more slacking, catching up on the things i've wanted to do :) yays!

here's a happy pic from volar :) cycling with two of my favourite smoogles.

tomorrow am going back to the alma mater (yes im ancient!) with the manda lim hahas im quite excited and looking forward to stepping into the land of blue pinafores and eating from the all too familiar stores. hahas! yay!

ho hum, sometimes i wished i could write deep thoughts like some other people out there, instead of my useless bimbotic ramblings and rants. hahahas! ohhhhh wells.
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Friday, April 20, 2007

thank You God :)

been pretty caught up with activities over the hols, hardly any time to breathe and reflect really.

i think God has been very kind, very merciful this school year. i feel His presence all round. sometimes, when there are things that don't go my way, they always strangely turn out for the better. my prayers are always heard, answered. perhaps not the way i wished they would be, but answers definitely for the better.

i don't really know where to start, how to elaborate. i was just, wowed. like after thinking about it, i could see God really standing by my side throughout this whole school term. there's ct, twc, dance, ambassadors:), choir, random events here and there. all the new friends i made, old friends i kept, even older friends i caught up with.

the many people i met, many new things i've done.

haha im grateful, and am looking forward to a happy, exciting summer holidays :)

love all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the past sem :)

finally a post with COLOUR :)

i bet everyone's extremely excited huhh. so after rummaging through my photo collection of the past sem, i realised that i was SERIOUSLY lacking photographs. took so very few, bet it's less than all the photos we took during ltb party hahas.

so this sem, evident by the lack of photos, hasnt been as eventful as the last but i am still happy the way it turned out (minus the possible drastic drastic drop in gpa). all the new things i tried and joined, all the new friends i made. but the old are still the best :)

so it's the summer hols for me now and im so very excited :) await more posts with pretty pictures! :)

is there a limit to how long my posts can be cos i can't seem to add longish ones.

Friday, April 13, 2007

ladidums :)

my summer break official begins in FIVE HOURS :) can't wait :)

hahas, have reached a point where i cant take in anymore accounting knowledge. just wanna get the paper over with, really. rahhhs. but slightly terrified at weightage of this paper on final grade and GPA.

okay maybe i shall go read sth.


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Thursday, April 05, 2007


i realised one thing some smoo students lack, is humility. we have egos that are just so very big! we have pride that cannot be hurt. snobbish, perhaps, to a certain extent. haha no wonder the hasty generalization of smoo students :)
though some of these are people are, my friends, forgiven :) but it does get a little unnerving.
Jesus was humble, as he was many other good things as well. we're supposed to look upon Jesus as a role model, but it's so difficult to be a Christian true and true, in the heart. you cant just have one of the good traits you've gotta have them all. it's like the Anna Karenina principle (gasp! TWC!!)
but yups it's something that we shld all strive towards :)
aights. been busy cos exams are next wk :) at least all projects (ct, bgs, blah) are overrr :) so yay for us. piccas up soon, after the exams!
am looking forward to a happy summer break :)

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