Sunday, October 29, 2006


haha :) aight pictures to make up for the lack of entries the previous wk: )

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

cheerie up!

today is down day, for many people, at some point of the day or other. maybe's the loss of blood, the haze, or it's just a generally grumpy day.

soo cheerie up everyone! (myself included) i shall sleep soon :) beauty sleep always makes things better. dozed off on the big swing in the garden just now, was rather therapeutic with all the nonsenses running through my head. and i guess we should always always count our blessings and think of all the loverrrrly things instead of the icky ones.

count your blessings, name them one by one.
count your many blessings, see what God hath done!

oh ho, shall speed through biz law readings :)

Monday, October 16, 2006


so yesterday marked the end of CSP! :) look at all our jubilant faces :) i love love this picture and we actually got it right the first time! all feet off the floor! :)

today, i encountered the strangest species of humans. very odd people. i was so amazed that such people exist! and i met more than one! amazing amazing. just pray i'd never have to be acquainted with such people ever again.

but i just thank God for lovely people in my life, who called when i was upset, who comfort me online, who walked with me all the way to SESS (hee) leaving her friends starving in kopitiam, who paid me a surprise visit and walked the length of the concourse 4 times when i was traumatised.


tee hee.

so there are conflicting views on the following i've posted below (do read if you havent). but everyone's entitled to their own views, this is just a different approach. one i consider more christian-like and appropriate, and respectful to yourself as well as your future partner. but that's just me :) anyone wants the rest of the book just drop a comment haha.

tomorrow is play day for me! (let's forget about that comms summary sitting expectantly on my desk)

haha finally, my mid term break! :)
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


[continued from previous post cos blogger sucks]

Intimacy without commitment, like icing without cake, can be sweet, but it ends up making us sick. It contradicts what the Bible teaches about true love. Instead of being selfless, it’s selfish; instead of being patient, it’s impatient; instead of looking out for the ongoing good of the other person, it’s focused on the needs of the moment.

As Christian we should never neglect or ignore our relationships with the opposite sex. Do you know why? Because God tells us that as Christians we have a built-in level of commitment to each other as ‘brothers and sisters’ in Christ (1 Timothy 5:1, 2). We’re family. And while there are limits to how close men and women can be in friendships, we can’t shirk our responsibility to care for, encourage, and build up our brothers and sisters.

But how close can we get before the relationship has to be redefined? How far can we go as friends before our hearts kick into gear? The little relationship principle helps us sort through these difficult questions. We don’t ask for a level of intimacy and emotional loyalty that goes beyond our true level of commitment. If we’re not able to deepen in commitment and pursue the possibility of marriage, we should halt the progression of intimacy at the friendship stage.

What I hope you understand is that this concept transcends the issue of whether you’re officially “dating” someone. Obviously, going on dates and placing yourself in romantically charged settings with someone will usually accelerate the intimacy of your relationship. But you don’t have to go out on a date to become inappropriately intimate. You can do that over the phone, via e-mail, or on group dates. A guy and a girl meeting over lunch isn’t the issue. The issue is whether the intimacy in your relationship is appropriate to your current level of commitment.


strangely! i was just talking about this particular book this morning. and when i checked my hotmail, i saw an email from my mom with all the chapters of the book typed out in little word documents for easy reference. it may seem a little disjointed, cos i tried to extract the essentials of the first 2 chapters, for your reading pleasure :)

An intimate relationship is a beautiful experience that God wants us to enjoy. After all, He stated that it wasn’t good for man to be alone and created the woman to perfectly complement him and help him (Genesis 2:18). But God has made the fulfillment of intimacy a by-product of commitment-based love. If we want to experience the goodness of His plan, we need to reconnect the pursuit of intimacy with the pursuit of commitment. This is what I call the Little Relationship Principle:

The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment.

All of us want intimacy. It means being close to someone. It’s being vulnerable, open, and dependent. It’s giving to and receiving from another person the deepest parts of who we are—our hopes, our fears, our secrets, our affections. An intimacy relationship in which we know and are known by another human is one of the most fulfilling and precious parts of life ¨it’s a gift from God.

You might say that intimacy between a man and a woman is the icing on the cake of a relationship headed toward marriage. And if we look at intimacy that way, then it becomes obvious that most of our dating relationships are all icing. They usually lack a purpose or a clear destination. In most cases, especially when we’re younger, dating is short term, serving the needs of the moment. We date because we want to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of intimacy without the responsibility of real commitment.

ramble ramble

i've stopped typing substance in my entries for a while now, but im sure the pictures have been entertaining enough :)

sooo it's mid term break, and honestly im quite happy with my break. no meetings at all (except LTB this morning and CSP this sunday) but the part that's draining me is mugging for biz law mid terms. then again, i can't complain cos if mid terms were anywhere else i'd be complaining about how i have no time to study haha.

im still stuck at consideration, which is rather worrying because i only have about 1half days left to study. went semi-shopping just now so i havent exactly started my studying for today. haha but tmr shall be different! we shall be muggers and stay cooped up in the room mugging mugging mugging.

im in need of comfy bottoms and longer tops, shopping anyone? shopping moolah anyone? jiahong im sorry to say mr moo moo is still rather empty :( RAWRRRR.

hmm, am worried about comms group proj.

haha okay okay, shall not sound whiny and sad. feeling complain-y of sorts. haha.

on a brighter brighter note, am really proud of the boys who i believe, are in church now singing singing singing! :) looking forward to hear the lovely song and your lovely voices :)

i want to sing too :) someone help me make my voice nice so i can sing lotsa songs. someone sing songs with me!

phantom's coming! am excited. want to watch! :) shall watch. student price is pretty cool, but wonder how the seats are like.

omg, im just rambling a whole lotta nonsense. shall be off to finish consideration. a rather daunting task.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

changing appetites

happy birthday to the birthday boys! :)
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Sunday, October 08, 2006

if the Saviour stood beside me,

im like superbly tired, but must post piccas! :) well-overdued.

i am really really proud of all you christmas trees :) i think we sang really well, despite some difficulties and panick before and during the performance. heh. words were clear, harmony was tight. and boys, ya'll were fantastic man! :) (girls sound good all the time hee) maybe the whole shannon-gerald gazing into each others' eyes lovingly did do some wonders HAHA. but, i was really happy so yaaaaaaaay. looking forward to making more lovely mooooooosic :)

haha, FACTORY WORKERS on our way to sdacc. sitting in the van summore, machiam cheap labour :)

oh well :) making earnest, beautiful music, bumpy rides, heat-trapping tees, preppy choir boys, lovely ladies - all make up my wonderful saturday! :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

satin shoes

this picture is sooo pretty :)

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Monday, October 02, 2006

formal is not me.

rahhhh!! i can never never look right in formal wear :(

need a skirt need a skirt need a skirt!

the piccas look kinda lesbo, haha COOL.
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