Saturday, March 24, 2007

blessing(s) for the week.

so kexin and i have been praying very hard for our twc project - the airbus A380 case cos it's just so damn hard and the discouted cash flow breakeven analysis just really scared me.

but we prayed for it :)

and God did answer prayers in the strangest ways!

while we were both at the sess printing room collecting our stats lecture notes, the printed jammed and after fixing it.. a whole of papers started coming out along with our stats notes. notes on AIRBUS AND BOEING. just when we were fretting about our project! people will say, what a strange coincidence. but we'll say, what a blessing :)

God also put the right people in my path at the right time, so i got help for my analysis :) and we got help from other random people as well (inc prof).

and yesterday's presentation was the best presentation ive done the whole sem. (then again, it's only my 3rd presentation this sem. have got 3 more to go). so praise God really :) i've never felt so calm and prepared for a presentation before. am usually quite jittery before presentation but we were actually EXCITED and wanted it to come sooner than later. prof's nods and smiles were indication of a job well done :)

yes, God does care for the little things. and i am so thankful :)

now it's another 3 more presentations/projects to go. really need to pray, esp CT.

alrights it's time to do my bgs report :)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

when you feel like complaining..

pray in your heart.

sometimes God puts you with people you really don't like to work with, people with foul mouths, stinky attitudes and are too full of themselves. but gotta be really patient man.. really patient.

and hope that these two weeks pass in a jiffy.

when i think about the next three weeks:

4 presentations (inc one CT video)
3 reports
4 exams
1 hw assignment
1 inclass test

i wonder how im gonna do this all.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

haha, my sn choir :)


right at the end, they sang JUBILATE DEO. omg! and i thought that song was ANCIENT already. we first sang it, when, SEC ONE!? that was seven long years ago. and its the FINALE item. now doesnt that totally ring a bell? sec two sec two sec two.

and they still havent changed the icky red costume!! haha. im shocked. but despite the strange attire they made us wear, this is still the choir i love, the choir where i learnt to love singing :) haha, we were nt a perfect choir. we didnt sound very nice but sometimes, its the imperfections that make us strive harder and when we got that Gold in 03 it was truly sweet wasnt it :) :) :)

loves to my sn choir darlings :)

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


its a sucky wk 11. cant wait for sunday to be over.

feeling the jitters for tomorrow, feeling the stress of the piles of undone work :( its gonna be midnight oil (literally) on sunday. and im gonna need a super thick skin for tomorrow. dont know why i get so discouraged. am trying to be confident of own abilities but sometimes people unknowingly dampen confidence with the little things they say :( blah. getting incoherent. things are looking bleak. the mother's unhappy. but i have no choice.

need prayers. lots and lots and lots.


Monday, March 12, 2007

vers la ville

so today, i had my first proper dance performance!! since.. primary sch when i was small and tiny in my ballet tutu and shoes :)

haha though we the newbies hardly danced (and cld hardly be seen when we did dance), it was still pretty nice and all :) fuzzy feeling when we did the finale with the bowing and suddenly it seemed a little too short. but i think the nicest thing about this was all the lovely lovely girls :) though some may be quitting, and after auditions maybe not everyone will stay (i may not even get thru :( :( ). but it was lovely while it lasted, a nice memory to my campus life.

stupid me forgot to bring my cam!! so stoooooops!! hahas. so pictures of our afro hair and terribly lined eyes (bliss detroyed my eyebrows, haha!) will have to come later after i get pictures from the gazillion ppl i took photos with.

haha now that the production is over it's BACK TO WORKKKK :(


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Friday, March 09, 2007

to those who still dont understand.

here goes :)

it's nice and lighthearted and it perhaps gives many people a much better idea of what we are :)

sometimes it gets hard to keep holding on to your convictions - sabbath keeping and all. but you just gotta do it and keep reminding yourself, why? why am i doing this? who am i serving? God or man. and hold strong, because once you falter.. it's easier and easier to slip away.

people will question and scoff, but we just gotta keep believing :) :)

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Thursday, March 08, 2007


im doomed.

have have have to learn to be more thick-skinned.

2/15 for class participation is NOT GOOD.

hahas. soooo cui. twc is gonna be worse. bet that's almost zero.

whooopsie :(

this sem cui alr. hahas. DIE.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


this is just so amazing.,4136,124267-1173218340,00.html?
seriously cut throat.

glad i went to vj :) and still extremely grateful for my less than perfect score :)

everyone should be like THIS,4136,124268-1173218340,00.html?

it all boils down to expectations, doesnt it?

haha :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


so the hellish second half of the sem has started and i must say it has indeed been busy busy! one disappointment after another, one assignment to rush after another. work aside, dance has been busy with the showcase next week and now it seems that there is a newly established choir in smu too! signed up for the auditions out of curiosity so we'll see where this all goes. haha.

my poor poor lappy has undergone severe trauma since the last blog post. sigh. but im glad for its quick recovery though the scars can be seen and its memory gone. painful.

ohh well im home early for once :) and after bathing, i am gonna be working on my AS, bgs, stats and the likes.. till the weeeee hours. or rather, till i finish.

ahh the life of a uni student.